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6 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Homes in India (April 2023) – Ultimate Guide

An ideal home should be clean, tidy and refreshed. Everybody wants a clean home, but do you work the hard way or the smart way to clean it? If you’re working the hard way using traditional cleaning methods, it might be difficult to achieve the desired results. Therefore, choose the smart way of cleaning your home, i.e., by using a vacuum cleaner that will give you the desired result without wasting your energy and time. 

By using a vacuum cleaner, you can get rid of dust, pet hair and dirt. Cleaning the home is a never-ending chore and having a reliable vacuum cleaner can make all the difference for a spotlessly clean home. Let’s have a look at the best vacuum cleaners for an efficient way to clean your home. Compare the vacuum cleaner price and features of these models so that you can make a well-informed choice. 

Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner 

This cord-free vacuum cleaner by Dyson is powered by a V8 digital motor that offers high suction power to remove minute dust particles. It is one of the best cord-free vacuum cleaners on the market. Its advanced features and attachments allow cleaning hardwood floors, carpets, upholstery, and ceiling or sofa corners that makes cleaning a breeze. You can purchase it for Rs. 33,000. Though the price is comparatively higher than other vacuum cleaners, the features make it worth the purchase.

KENT Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner from KENT is for all budget-friendly shoppers and Indian homes. It comes with a bagless design for convenient and easy cleaning. It features a HEPA filter, crevice tools for cleaning nooks and corners, high motor power, rubberized wheels and low noise operation for a spotlessly clean home without disturbing anyone. The vacuum cleaner is available for around Rs. 7000.

MC-CG304-Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner 

This lightweight and compact vacuum cleaner is designed for every Indian home. It can perform various cleaning tasks from cleaning rugs and carpets to floors with minimal effort. The powerful 1400w motor removes dust from even the toughest corners. Overall, it’s a great budget-friendly, compact and lightweight choice for Rs. 7000/-.

Black+Decker VH802

This small and compact vacuum cleaner is designed for cleaning tight spaces and hard-to-reach corners. It comes with multiple attachments required to clean floors, sofas, car seats, and doormats. It acts as a blower to clean dust from TV, keyboard or any electronic gadget. Its handheld bagless design allows you to move around easily. 

Eureka Forbes Euroclean Xforce

This compact yet powerful vacuum cleaner can help clean hardwood floors or carpets.  It features a powerful motor with a HEPA filter to clean even the toughest areas filled with dust and pollutants. It comes with several attachments for cleaning different areas of the house. It operates at 230 volts and the best part about this vacuum is its low noise operation. It is priced at around Rs. 11,000.

FC9352/01-Philips Power Pro 

This stylish vacuum cleaner comes with 1900W motor power, a powercyclone5 functionality, and a rotating brush for effective cleaning. This vacuum cleaner from Philips is a budget-friendly option available at Rs. 9000. 

If you’re looking for a wet and dry vacuum cleaner that can clean the entire space, then the above listed ones are the best options to buy in India. Nobody likes a house with dust and pollutants. Besides looking dirty, it leads to many health issues. Cleanliness is important for improved overall health. So, whether it’s a bagged vacuum cleaner or bagless, you can find many good options in the market.

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