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Cannabis Testing market, Size and Share by 2035

The legalization and recent applications of cannabis for the treatment of certain medical conditions has led to the rise in demand for various cannabis-infused products.

These products need to be tested thoroughly, in order to maintain regulatory standards and ensure consumer safety. Following this, cannabis testing services are currently being used across several industries, including healthcare, chemical, cosmetic, agriculture and food. The financial opportunity within the cannabis testing market has been analyzed across the following segments:

  • Type of Cannabis Tested
    • Medical Cannabis
    • Recreational / Adult-use Cannabis
  • Type of Sample Tested
    • Flowers
    • Extracts
    • Edibles
    • Others
  • Company SizeĀ 
    • Large
    • Mid-sized
    • Small
  • Key Geographical RegionsĀ 
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia-Pacific
    • Latin America
    • Middle East and North Africa

The research also includes profiles of key players (listed below) engaged in the cannabis testing market; each profile features a brief overview of the company, details related to its financial information (if available), service portfolio, recent developments, and an informed future outlook.

  • AccuScience Laboratories
  • Anresco Labs
  • CDX Analytics
  • Coastal Analytical
  • Eurofins Scientific
  • EVIO Labs
  • FoodChain ID
  • LGC
  • Medicine Creek Analytics
  • SGS
  • Tentamus

Table of Contents

1. Preface

2. Executive Summary

3. Introduction

4. Market Landscape: Cannabis Testing Service Providers

5. Cannabis Testing Service Providers: Company Competitiveness Analysis

6. Cannabis Testing Service Providers: Company Profiles

7. Market Landscape: Cannabis Testing Product Providers

8. Partnerships and Collaborations

9. Global Event Analysis

10. Cannabis Testing Services Market: Market Sizing and Opportunity Analysis

11. Concluding Remarks

12. Executive Insights

13. Appendix 1: Tabulated Data

14. Appendix 2: List of Companies and Organizations

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