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A Closer Look At Tiger Woods Golf Swing

Golfers didn’t used to focus so much on fitness as part of their golf training. It seemed unnecessary to spend your time doing stretches and exercises that worked out parts of the body that weren’t “golf-specific.”

Then, along came a 20-year-old kid who blew all these old golfers out of the water, hitting 180 mph balls off the tee. The era of Tiger Woods had come.

Suddenly everyone wanted to unlock the secrets of the Tiger Woods golf swing. It was obvious he had a different way of going about things, and eventually this young golfer would change the way we train and play.

There’s more than just the mechanics of the swing. Let’s take a look at what makes Tiger Woods golf swing so solid.

It’s All About Keeping Fit

One reason Tiger can swing like that is that he’s flexible and strong. If you need any evidence that a good overall fitness program to build strength and flexibility is essential for a great golf swing, look no further than our man Tiger.

Tiger Woods knows that golf is a full-body sport. That’s why he follows a rigorous training routine that includes the whole body and not just golf-specific exercises. He has always advocated weight training and stretching as part of a golf practice routine.

It’s All About Energy

Tiger uses every little bit of energy he can. When he swings, he turns his body fast while gently pushing his right leg (the back leg in his swing) forward. The result is that no energy is wasted. All the potential energy he’s built up in the backswing gets released, and the full force of it hits that ball.

He can do this because he has a strong core. The study of biomechanics has taught us the ways in which all the parts of the body work together to give you a good golf swing. The core is your lower body and torso. When you swing at a golf ball, your core is like the axis, and the rest of the body rotates around it.

A perfect golf swing like Tiger’s involves efficiently winding up and storing your body’s natural energy, then releasing it in a natural and controlled way.

It’s All About Smooth, Natural Movement

But, it’s not over when he hits the ball. After he smacks the ball, he lets his body follow through and finish that rotation. The club ends up behind his back. He lets it swing freely around him, allowing it to follow its natural course.

Tiger swings all the way through the ball. Stopping the full rotation before it reaches its natural end tenses up your body, and can have a disastrous effect on how you hit the ball. Swinging all the way through adds distance to your shots. This is why he lets the rotation follow all the way through.

It’s All About Your Mind

Finally, Tiger Woods keeps relaxed. It’s hard enough to keep yourself relaxed when you’re making a shot with your friends, but imagine when the entire golfing world is watching! But, keeping cool is essential in golf, more than any other sport, and Tiger never loses it out on the green

If you follow these tips, you’ll be just as good as Tiger Woods in no time. Just kidding. But seriously folks, watch Tiger Woods golf swing and you’ll see your own game improve.

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