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GUIDE: What is Instagram and how is it used?

We clarify all your doubts about what Instagram is and how it is used so that, through your brand’s digital strategy, you can get the most out of this wonderful social network and thus differentiate yourself from the rest using the functionalities that we provide in a professional manner.

Currently, Instagram is the fastest growing social network in the world, so it is vital to know what Instagram is and how it is used when showing your brand on this social channel since for many brands it is the core of their marketing strategies. SingaporeFollowers working about it to make your profile more attractive after getting potential users.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social network intended to be used directly from its mobile app, which is focused on sharing images and videos in a simple and spontaneous way, allowing its users to apply photographic effects.

Created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010, then acquired by Mark Zuckerberg in 2012, by then it had 100 million users. Today, it has more than 1 billion active users.

How is it used?

Instagram is mainly used to share the creative content of the people and brands that inhabit this social network, seeking to connect through it with the community that follows them… I’ll tell you how to use its main features. Are you ready?

Timeline or Start

This is the main access when you enter your Instagram account, it is identified with the icon of a house. You will be able to view all the content that your followers publish, having the opportunity to give it a “like” with a double tag on the image, comment on the publication, send it to other people through the Instagram Direct that is in the upper right part or even publish it. in your Instagram stories and even save the post to see it again later.

At the top of your timeline you will see all the Instagram stories of the people you follow. I will tell you a little more about this functionality shortly so that you can use it and boost your account.

This first impression is very intuitive, the social network has a very friendly interface, I invite you to be able to observe all its functions and test them.


The magnifying glass icon represents this functionality, which allows you to find new posts in your section of photos and videos from other users according to the likes of the actions you perform within the social network. These contents are filtered by categories at the top.

Through this function you will be able to search for other users to later follow them, hashtags and places according to what you want to find at the moment through its geolocation system. With it you can boost your growth on Instagram by looking for users who are not in your community.


This is the main functionality of the Instagram social network and is represented by (+) that you will find in the bottom bar of the app.

Pressing this button displays the option to: take a photo, choose one from your gallery to post on your account, in the same way for videos. This option allows you to upload videos of up to 1 minute and up to 10 images in carousel format.

How to add a new post from mobile on Instagram?

Then you can touch up your image or video, apply filters directly from the app, it offers you more than 30 filter options to give your content a creative touch. You can also use other photo editing apps like Instasize, which offers a rich selection of filters curated and curated by professionals.

When you have the edition ready, you will go to the last publication phase where you can write a description of up to 2200 characters to accompany your content, tag people, add a location and even publish it on other social channels simultaneously previously linked to your profile. from Instagram.

You already know how to upload your posts to Instagram, so I recommend you check this article: Image sizes and formats for social networks 2020 so that you can know the ideal size of the content that you are going to share.

Activity or interaction:

This Instagram function is represented with a heart and is where you know the feedback users have with the posts you share.

When you click on it, you will see “Mentions” at the top. This is a novelty on Instagram which allows you to know who mentioned you in their stories, so that you do not miss any mention of another person in that format.

Under the mentions tab, you will see who interacted with your content, who follows you, left you a comment and even mentions of a publication that another user has made, all this referring to activity that your account has within the social network.

Instagram Profile

This function is vital to show you to the community that you want to follow you, in this part you must be very detailed since it is the first impression that you will give to your new followers.

You will be able to modify your profile, change the username, upload an avatar image in the case of a company, the brand logo, add an impressive biography, the web address if you have one, the location of the business and even an email.

Instagram interface from a company profile

Then you will see add “New featured story”, this section works to highlight the most important stories of your brand and they remain there forever, I recommend that you design them to generate impact on your profile, here we teach you how to do it: How to design Instagram Stories Highlights? check it out

Finally, in the upper right part, there is a row of three lines that, when clicked, displays a series of functions that allows you to see the archive of stories and publications that you have made, the real-time statistics of your account, the time what you spend within Instagram, your identification card, the saves you made from other users, the list of best friends you have created, discover people through your cell phone or Facebook contacts, also open Facebook directly from Instagram and finally the settings part of your account. I invite you to test all these functions that are very intuitive, it is simply a matter of familiarizing yourself with them.

Instagram Stories

The famous “Stories” of Instagram are in the upper left next to the Instagram logo, these are completely ephemeral content, which means that they disappear 24 hours a day. Through them you can promote your brand in a creative way due to its multiple publication options.

This format has been one of the biggest impulses of the platform, since it is a space where you can share photos and videos at the moment without worrying about saturating your community or damaging your feed, then you can highlight them according to your objective. I recommend that you make a maximum of 15 stories per day.

Instagram Stickers for Instagram Stories

Upon entering, you will see a series of filters very similar to those of Snapchat, you can play with them in a creative way for your brand. In the same way, you can share photos in sequence and videos of up to 15 seconds, create a collage in its “Layout” tab, make short videos like “boomerang or superzoom”.

To each of these functions you can add: Texts, emojis, hashtags, mentioning, gifs, geolocation, your local time, your local temperature, question sticker, surveys, countdown, question questionnaire among other options that this format gives you .

Also, you can add an external link to your story to redirect your followers. However, it is only enabled for accounts with more than 10,000 followers. You can also buy facebook likes for expanding content on other platform.

The important thing is that you go in and try each of the aforementioned functions to find out which one works best for your brand. I recommend that you get the most out of Instagram Stories, they are vital to position yourself on Instagram.

Instagram live

This function is within the Instagram Stories; however, I wanted to give it a little more importance, since it allows you to share a 1-hour video completely live.

You can stream with your followers in real time and then if you want to leave it on for the next 24 hours so those who weren’t live can see it.

This function is vital if you are at an event, or want to share some tips with your community, a product launch among other things, the ideal is that you can try it and get the most out of it. Read more: Seo services in okara

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