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How Electrical Certificate Software Can Help Your Business in United Kingdom

Electrical certificate are written and handed out to landlords and businesses who have passed an electrical safety check. While it may seem simple, at first glance, electricians responsible for creating and disseminating the certificates may be laborious and time-consuming, especially when done manually, electrical certificate..

The good news is that electrical certificate software can streamline and automate this entire procedure. If your field personnel are overwhelmed by administrative issues there is software for electricians that can make their work a lot easier.

Here are five reasons gas and electrical certifications are the most effective electrical certification software for field electricians.

Save Time Creating Certificates:

The most common problem with manual certificate making is that it takes too long. Making notes of names and addresses, the results of inspections etc., in a short time gets tedious, especially when you have a lot of certificates to go through. This can slow down everyone that are affected, including the customers awaiting their certificates.

With the Gas and Electrical Certificates’s electrical electrician software, it is possible to make digital certificates in just a fraction percent of. Because all details of the customer are stored within the program, new certificates can be produced and automatically filled at the press of a button. There is no need to waste time making certificates manually!

Send Instantly Certificates from Any Place:

From getting from work to work to returning to work Electricians aren’t stuck in one spot for long. This is why it’s common to find them working in areas with limited or no access to cell phones. While paper certificates aren’t affected by the absence of an internet connection, they’re definitely not as easy to access.

When your electricians work in a location with no coverage and want to make certificates, they can do so make it using the Gas and Electrical certificates’ software. The electrical and gas certificates application is offline, so certificates can be created and kept even when there’s no mobile service. Once internet connectivity is restored, your data will be synced automatically to the rest of your team.

Additionally, our electrical certificate app allows field employees to communicate certificates and other electronic documents with the back-office in real-time regardless of where they are. This can be a risk assessment completed, GPS, and time-stamped information on the ground which gives managers a better knowledge of the present state of the job vehicle and driver.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction by enhancing Clarity:

The customers you serve are mainstays of your company – therefore it’s important to keep them content. One of the ways to hinder satisfaction with your customers is the insufficient transparency, and information regarding their status as employees while they’re away from the premises.

With the Gas and Electrical Certificates’s customer portal software, customers remain up-to-date. There, they can see their work progress as well as the location of field personnel, download and print their certificates, request quotes and make appointments. They can also leave feedback about the contractor’s performance and performance, which is able to be reviewed and acted upon within the office.

Overall, this process significantly improves the speed of the customers who receive this information and creates a lasting impression. Additionally, it gives your customers the transparency they’ve come to expect from companies of the present. This is an essential benefit for your business.

Make sure that the industry is in compliance with On-Site Signature Capture:

If the request to have your customers sign a certificate on paper isn’t a huge request however, it becomes a headache when the electrician needs to go back to the office in order to take a scan of the certificate. Digital signatures can be useful.

Utilizing the Gas and Electrical certificates application for electrical certificates your electricians will receive immediate signatures from customers via an mobile device. Signatures taken are stored in the certificate. The certificate can be reviewed and subsequently approved by the manager from anywhere and at any time. This feature is easy to use and helps you streamline your business and assures compliance for the industry.

Store and Manage Electrical Certificates Easily

  1. Your electricians looking through the piles of certificates made of paper isn’t exactly the most efficient method to use their time. And it’s certainly not the safest method of storage also. It’s inefficient, time-consuming and you’re always at risk that certificates might be damaged or disappear. It’s also harmful to the environment because of all the paper!
  2. Electrical and gas certificates’ certificate software solutions can help solve these problems. The forms logbook efficiently records and stores information on the majority of mobile electronic forms as well as electrical certificates. With all certificates stored in a central place, managers can narrow their search by the type of customer, site or type, making it easier to locate the correct form.
  3. The compliance history can be logged against both customers and websites to ensure that the information is current and accurate. Customers can also opt to display logbook information on their customer portal and update them based on the certificates completed prior to.

Which electrical certificates do Electrical and Gas Certificates Provide?

The electrical and gas certificates are used by businesses across the management of the field services industry. With more than twenty years experience we have earned ourselves the reputation of being experts in the provision of a broad assortment of industry-specific forms and certificates to each industry.electrical certificate.

We have designed several certifications for the electrical maintenance sector that can be accessed from any location via our electrical certificate application. They include:

  • Emergency lighting small installation (shown in the picture)
  • Inspection of the fire alarm and service certificate
  • Alarm system installation certificate
  • Minor electrical installation work certificate
  • Inspection and test certificates

Additionally, these certifications can be used for a broad array of businesses in the electrical maintenance industry for example:

  • Appliance repair services
  • Maintenance of AV equipment
  • Maintenance of chargepoints for electric vehicles
  • Generator maintenance and installation

If you’re in search of the most efficient method to speed up the electrical certificate-making process Look at Electrical and gas certificates. Our simple-to-use software simplifies the process by letting your field personnel create and distribute electrical certificates, and also receive digital signatures.

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