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Incredible Electrolysis Benefits

Electrolysis has been around for well over a century, but it still feels like a well-kept secret. Many of our clients come to us after having unsuccessful results with laser hair removal, learning that laser does not provide lasting results, or after making countless appointments for waxing and threading. Their first choice hasn’t been electrolysis, and many people don’t understand what it is, how it works, or what it can achieve.
With this list of four outstanding advantages of electrolysis, we hope to dispel any misunderstandings. We could go on all day describing how fantastic electrolysis is, but we’ve tried to be brief. Please visit this website to learn more about electrolysis and to read more thorough information about the technique.

Here are the four main advantages of electrolysis permanent hair removal and the reasons:

safe and can be done on various body and facial areas. we offer permanent hair removal therapies that are safe, effective, and in line with best practises. Individually packaged and single-use sterilised probes. Also, practically any part of your body or face can be treated. You can think of your eyebrows, upper lips, chin, stomach’s snail trail, bikini line, fingers, and toes as examples.

Everyone can get electrolysis. Any skin tone, hair colour, or hair type can benefit from our treatments. An ultra-fine probe is used to inject a very little electrical current into the hair follicle during electrolysis. The chemical reaction caused by this procedure (sodium hydroxide or lye) will permanently remove the area of the hair that is responsible for growth and regeneration. No matter what colour or type of hair you have, the hair will be permanently destroyed and won’t regrow. You can read our responses to some frequently asked questions about permanent electrolysis hair removal.

In the long run, electrolysis is cost-effective. Many visits to laser centres and waxing salons pile up over time. An investment that yields lasting results is electrolysis. Once your treatment plan is over, there is no more need for maintenance visits; the hair will be gone.

An electrolysis hair removal is a procedure that uses electric current to permanently remove unwanted hair from various body regions by damaging the roots of the hair follicles. The process is FDA-approved and has been demonstrated to be quite effective, especially when compared to other hair removal methods.

For those who want to get rid of undesirable hair permanently or for a long time, the operation is advised. For those with hirsutism, a disorder that results in excessive hair growth, it is very beneficial.

Using a thin metal probe in the shape of a needle, electrolysis delivers electric energy directly to the hair’s growth centre or roots. Nowadays, there are three different types of electrolysis: thermolysis, galvanic, and a combination of the two.

Thermolysis electrolysis: This technique uses shortwave radio frequency, which generates heat by accelerating the vibration of the water molecules in the hair.

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