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Kessa: A Name of Numerous Meanings

Using a Kessa glove, the ancient method of exfoliating massage is known as Kessa. The coarse glove is used in traditional Moroccan spa hammams to exfoliate dead skin, dirt, and oil. Your body will be massaged while being soaped up and exfoliated of all the dead skin. Kessa is frequently used in traditional baths and hot stone spas where you may rejuvenate your skin with an Andalusian cleansing massage. The Kessa glove is used during a skin-purifying washing procedure on a heated stone using organic soap, which is frequently combined with a soothing massage.


In Moroccan hammams, an exfoliating glove called a kessa is employed. Using a Kessa glove has the following advantages:

• Effectively and gently exfoliates: Kessa gloves are meant to gently scrape away dead skin cells to reveal smoother, softer skin. They are composed of natural fibers like hemp or sisal.

• Alterations skin texture: Regular usage of a Kessa glove can help smooth out rough, dry skin caused by keratosis and lessen its appearance.

• Reduces cellulite’s appearance standards: Using a Kessa glove to exfoliate can improve blood flow and minimize the appearance of cellulite.

• Skin problems are cured: The Kessa glove has reportedly helped several people with severe keratosis pilaris and body acne.

• Rejuvenation of the skin and anti-aging: By clearing clogged pores and eliminating dead skin cells, Kessa gloves provide effective anti-aging and skin regeneration assistance.

• Gives forth a dazzling glow: A Kessa glove combined with black soap or ghassoul can help give the skin a luminous shine.

How to use it?

A traditional Moroccan exfoliating glove called a kessa has been used for generations in hammams (public bathhouses). Dead skin cells are removed from the skin by exfoliating with it. Here are the basic instructions for using a Kessa glove.

• After giving your body a warm rinse, give your pores some time to open.

• Put some warm water on Kessa’s glove.

• Apply soap to your skin.

• Scrub your skin’s surface gently with the Kessa glove by moving it up and down. Avoid making circular movements since they could irritate you.

• To get rid of any dead skin cells, rinse your body with water and soap.

For maximum results, it is advised to apply the Kessa glove once or twice every week. The Kessa glove should be washed with water after each use and hung to dry.

Precautions to be taken when Kessa is used on sensitive skin

There are several precautions you should take while using a Kessa glove for exfoliating if you have sensitive skin. Here are some suggestions to remember:

• Depending on your skin type and sensitivity, using a Kessa glove once or twice a week is advised.

• On skin that has been exposed to soap, cream, or other substances, do not use the Kessa glove.

• Avoid applying the Kessa glove to your face or other delicate regions of your body.

• On skin that is inflamed or injured, do not use the Kessa glove.

•Apply little pressure when scrubbing, especially on delicate regions.

• Stop using the Kessa glove right away if you feel any irritation or discomfort.

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