Tuesday, February 20

The ideal honeymoon destination in Munnar is Haze and Kites

Munnar is a well-liked honeymoon location in India because of its verdant landscape, misty hills, and tranquil atmosphere. For couples looking for a romantic break amidst nature’s splendor, Haze and Kites stands out as the best honeymoon resort in Munnar.

Haze and Kites offers beautiful views of the surrounding hills and valleys while being tucked away within a sizable tea plantation. The cottages at the resort are made to offer seclusion, luxury, and comfort to couples. Every cottage has a separate balcony or veranda where couples may unwind and take in the lovely scenery. Wooden furniture and regional artwork are artfully incorporated into the interior design to enhance the ambiance and cosiness of the space.

A variety of amenities are available at Haze and Kites to make your honeymoon special. The resort’s on-site spa offers a selection of soothing and revitalizing procedures, such as aromatherapy and Ayurvedic massages. While you enjoy a delicious meal at the outside restaurant, the infinity pool is ideal for a refreshing plunge.

Couples can participate in a variety of activities at the resort. Wander around the tea gardens on a date, hike up one of the neighboring hills or just relax with a cup of tea and the setting sun. Try your hand at paragliding, rock climbing, or mountain biking if you’re feeling more daring.

However, Haze and Kites’ dedication to sustainability sets it distinct from other honeymoon resorts in Munnar. The administration of the resort is committed to lessening its carbon footprint and encouraging environmentally responsible behaviours. Solar energy is used to run the resort, and the cottages are built to take use of as much natural light and ventilation as possible. The resort also supports the neighbourhood by hiring locals and using locally sourced products.

Haze and Kites is the ideal location for a special and memorable break if you’re searching for the best honeymoon resort in Munnar. With its breathtaking setting, opulent lodgings, extensive amenities, and dedication to sustainability, Haze and Kites promises to provide couples a honeymoon experience they will never forget.

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