Friday, June 14

Unlock Warehouse Potential: Hyundai & Toyota Forklifts

Forklift trucks today are the lifeblood of warehouses. Moreover, this heavy machinery helps move regular loads and storage racks, which helps optimise the space or any facility.

Wondering which forklift machines are worth the investment? We bring you some best-in-class forklift trucks from Hyundai and Toyota to save time.


HYUNDAI 25B-7A is a widely popular forklift truck, having a strong 2500 Kg lifting capacity. This Hyundai equipment or truck is suitable for different warehouses as it offers 5000 metres of lifting height. This forklift truck is available for a price ranging between Rs. 22 – 24 Lakh in India. This machinery has a great length to the face of the fork of 2286 mm, which can accommodate various loads.

2. Toyota RRE160

Toyota RRE160 is a widely popular forklift truck known for its multifaceted applications and features. This Toyota lifting equipment comes with a lifting capacity of 1600 Kg and, moreover, has an operating height of up to 7000 meters. In addition, this vehicle has a 1657 mm wheelbase, which is suitable for compact spaces.
Moreover, the vehicle has good ground clearance, supporting operations even around bumpy terrains or rough surfaces. Also, it has an impressive 1263 mm length, and the face of the fork is high enough to accommodate a variety of loads in good quantity. To inquire about the price of this forklift truck in your city, visit InfraJunction.

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