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React Development: What is ReactJS 


ReactJS is a free, open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook for building user interfaces. It offers reusable UI components and has gained popularity for its advantages such as component reusability, virtual DOM implementation for improved performance, declarative syntax, and a large community and ecosystem. Learn in this blog how ReactJS has transformed web development by providing a powerful framework for creating interactive user interfaces. 

Table of Content 

What is ReactJS? 

Why use ReactJS? 

  • Component reusability 
  • Virtual DOM 
  • Declarative syntax 
  • large community and ecosystem 

Understanding the Virtual DOM 

Features of ReactJS 

  • JSX 
  • One-way data flow 
  • React Router 
  • Performance 
  • Extension 
  • Components 

Advantages and disadvantages in ReactJS 

Future of React Development 

Examples of ReactJs  


In this digital world of technologies, it’s impossible to imagine your life without any application. React is such a robust framework which provides a seamless user experience. ReactJs is gaining popularity around the globe, improving user interfaces and changing the world of web development.  

Let us take a ride in the world of ReactJs by exploring its features, advantages, disadvantages, and the future of ReactJs development.  

What is ReactJS? 

ReactJs also known as react, is a free, open-source, front-end JavaScript library developed by Facebook. It allows developers to create reusable UI components by providing a robust framework to build user interfaces. Reactjs makes it easier to develop applications. These reusable components are individual pieces of a final interface which form the entire user interface when assembled.  


Reactjs currently has a 1.23% share in the programming framework category with 291366 customers. 

Jordan Walke, one of the software’s engineers created ReactJs in 2011 to build a more dynamic and responsive user interface which was fast and highly performant with reusable components. ReactJs drastically changed Facebook’s approach to web development due to its revolutionary approach to DOM manipulation and user interfaces, and it quickly became popular in the JavaScript ecosystem after its release to the open-source community. 

Why use ReactJS? 

Reactjs is becoming popular because of many reasons. Below are a few reasons why reactJs has become a popular choice for web development.   

  • Component reusability: React allows developers to create reusable components, making the code more modular and maintainable. 
  • Virtual DOM: React utilizes a Virtual DOM, which is a lightweight representation of the actual DOM. This approach significantly improves performance by minimizing direct manipulation of the real DOM. 
  • Declarative syntax: React utilizes declarative syntax, making it easier to understand and reason about the UI components and their behavior. 
  • large community and ecosystem: React has a vast and active community, which means there are abundant resources, libraries, and tools available to support React development. 

Understanding the Virtual DOM 

The Virtual DOM is one of the key concepts in ReactJS. It is a lightweight copy of the actual DOM that React uses to track changes and efficiently update the UI. When the state of a component changes, React compares the Virtual DOM with the real DOM and updates only the necessary parts, resulting in optimal performance. 

In react application, whenever the state of an object changes, Virtual DOM gets updated.it compares and updates objects in the real DOM instead of updating all the objects.  

Features of ReactJS: 

ReactJS comes with several powerful features that enhance the development experience:  

  • JSX: React uses JSX, which is an extension of JavaScript.  JSX allows developers to write HTML codes in JavaScript files which improves code reusability and maintainability.  
  • One-way data flow: React follows a unidirectional data flow, where data flows in a single direction, making it easier to understand and debug the application. 
  • React Router: React Router is a popular routing library for React applications, enabling developers to create dynamic, single-page applications with multiple views. 
  • Performance: React uses Virtual DOM and updates modified parts only which makes the DOM run faster and improve the overall performance.  
  • Extension: extensions provided by React are used to create full-fledged UI applications. Flux, Redux, React Native, etc. are such extensions which help in creating good-looking UI.  
  • Components: ReactJs divides web pages into multiple components and each component is a part of UI design with its own logic and design. So, the component logic written in JavaScript makes it easy and runs faster and can be reusable.   

Advantages and Disadvantages in ReactJS: 

Like any technology, ReactJS has its share of advantages and disadvantages: 


  • Enhanced performance through Virtual DOM 
  • Reusable and modular components 
  • Large community support and ecosystem 
  • Improved code maintainability 


  • Steep learning curve for beginners 
  • JSX might feel unfamiliar to developers coming from traditional JavaScript backgrounds 
  • Potential performance issues with complex applications if not optimized properly 

Future of React Development: 

The future of React development looks promising. With Facebook’s ongoing support and the active community, ReactJs is expected to evolve further and bring more advancements. The ecosystem around React continues to grow, providing developers with an array of tools and libraries to enhance their productivity. 

Examples of ReactJs    

ReactJs has gained popularity and stability because of its ability to create fast, efficient, and scalable web applications.  

 A few notable mentions are: 

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Netflix 
  • Reddit 
  • Uber 
  • Airbnb 
  • The New York  
  • Times 
  • Khan Academy 
  • Codecademy 
  • SoundCloud 
  • Discord 
  • WhatsApp Web 

React has also grown more robust and can now be used to build native mobile applications using React Native and Desktop apps using Electron.js. 


ReactJS has transformed the way we build user interfaces, providing developers with a powerful and efficient framework for creating reusable components. With its virtual DOM, declarative syntax, and extensive ecosystem, ReactJS has become a popular choice for modern web development. Embrace ReactJS and unlock the potential of building highly interactive user interfaces. 

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